Are You a Thought Leader?

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B2B companies with strong Thought Leadership image get more RFP invitations and gain buyer preference. Quite simply, they sell more!

Who's a Thought Leader? Individuals and companies that are perceived as Thought Leaders are knowledgable about their industry. They share insightful content about industry challenges and topics as a whole, not about their products. The media writes about Thought Leaders, and people follow them on social media because they can't afford not to. Thought Leaders are visible on industry organisations and conferences.

Does this sound like you? Fill in the questionnaire to find out how you rank as a Thought Leader! Is your company a Turtle, an Owl or a Lion...


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A Turtle has a clear goal to become a Thought Leader, but it takes a lot of hard work and time to get there.


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An Owl is wise and knows what’s going on in the industry, but hasn’t quite cracked the code to Thought Leadership yet.


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A Lion is at the top of the industry food chain. But, the competition is fierce and the challenge is how to remain at the top.

How Does Your Company Rank as a Thought Leader?

Although Thought Leadership is an abstract concept, industry Thought Leaders however share some common qualities, which separate them from the crowd.

Fill out the quiz below to see how your company rank as a Thought Leader. Are you reaping the benefits of Thought Leadership, and what areas you can still improve?

Do you create high-quality Industry Content?

Does your company create thought provoking content focused on addressing topical, industry-wide challenges and opportunities
Yes, we create high-quality industry content.
No, we just create company and product content.


There's some work to be done then!

Are you a Social Media influencer?

Does the content your company creates frequently engage industry professionals on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and on other industry communities or forums?
Yes, we have an active fan base on social media.
No, it’s quite silent apart from the clicks from the usual suspects.


There's some work to be done then!

Is your content featured in industry medias?

Does the international industry media publish your content? Do they contact you for a comment? Or, do they link back to your website as a trusted source of information?
Yes, our content enjoys frequent media coverage.
No, our articles never get further than our own news page.


There's some work to be done then!

Do you appear on Industry Bodies and Conferences?

Is your company a member of an industry organisation, and able to contribute? Or, is your company asked to attend panels or speak at conferences?
Yes, we often contribute to industry bodies and conferences.
No, our staff is usually seated in the audience.


There's some work to be done then!

Do your customers recommend you in public?

The ultimate Thought Leading vendors are like rock stars of their industries for which customers are happy to give a credit in public. Do you get your customers engaged into public case studies, press releases or video testimonials? 
Yes, our customers are our best promoters!
No, we mostly have to suffice with anonymous press releases.


There's some work to be done then!

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How Does Your Company Rank as a Thought Leader?

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